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We Are Flying Solo

April 18, 2012

Game On!

I jumped Encore tonight the second I got home from field work.  Note to self:  if you leave a young OTTB pretty much off for 1.5 weeks and then point him at a jump, you will have your hands full.  But.  He JUMPED SOUND and the leg finished CLEAN AND TIGHT.  So Plan B is a go!  Complete with veterinary approval!

I'm not giving out the quiz answer yet, I am having way too much fun reading everyone's guesses and justifications.  I am both intrigued and entertained, congratulations!

As for Longleaf, you will find live scores here.

You will find ride times here.

The unicorn will be doing dressage at 11:06 am on Saturday, then he will run cross country at 3:08 pm.  Then his rider will ingest large amounts of carbohydrates and fluids and Sunday, show jumping will run in reverse order of placing.  This will be his first Novice HT, so one hopes his rider will do her job properly and not screw him up, ahem, like last time.

I am hoping if I ride Thursday and Friday, I will NOT have a fire-breathing dragon on my hands on Saturday...

No, I have no idea why Longleaf is run in classic format, while others, like SoPines I, are not.


  1. I've never actually heard of events being run with cross country being last, it's always been Dressage-Cross Country-Stadium.
    Do you know why some shows change the order?

  2. One days are often held this way, because you can wear your XC gear to stadium and then go straight to XC after you jump, which I do like.

    Over two days, I think they do that at lower levels so the horses have less fatigue on the second day. Also, from an organizer/personnel standpoint, all your arena stuff is out of the way on the first day and the second day, you just put everything on the XC course.

  3. Good luck girl!! Will be checking live scores all weekend from Fair Hill. Team CDP will have a few at Longleaf too so come say hello if you can (we are stabling). Go Encore! Wooooooo!

  4. Thanks, HJ! Fair Hill is far too much bluebood for us!! But good luck!

  5. Gah! I am dying to know the quiz answer, ya big meanie!

  6. Sorry, Lisa, probably going to have to wait till I get home Sunday -- I have more tasks than time!!!