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We Are Flying Solo

April 3, 2012

I Am Not A Vet

I just wanted to share a brief summary of the 4,000th time Dr. Bob has saved me from myself.  I got both Batman AND Robin today actually, I felt quite assured they would fix my boys.

Solo's big ol' hole that was all mushy and gross and I was sure would lead to coffin bone infection and surgery and imminent death?  It was an abcess that blew right through the frog.  Dr. Bob was able to carve the whole thing out and all is well again.  I never saw Solo limp though, so he snuck it by me!

Encore got a check-over by Batman to follow up on his sidekicks work and a thumbs up of approval was given.  Dr. Bob did a little more work on his poll and then two fluid acupuncture injections behind his ears, which I had never seen before.  Basically the fluid is a saline mixture (I forget what it was mixed with) that puts pressure on the nerve endings.  Encore was completely unphased by big needles going into his skull -- he was fixated on the fact that the whole clinic smells like cows (Dr. Bob raises beef you can buy on the hoof) and nothing else mattered.

So I brought home two repaired ponies and hopefully, with the holiday weekend, I can, GASP, actually ride them!


  1. YEAH!!! We know that riding makes the soul happy, so you should be smiling all week. Thank goodness for the caped crusaders.

  2. Glad it went well. I've never seen acupuncture done on a horse, that sounds kinda like fun.

  3. Those injections sound scary!
    Good thing you have Batman to keep things under control.

  4. Hooray for the good news on Solo! Keep us updated on Encore's super injections. Those sound interesting.

  5. I've been reading for a while and I'd like to say "Hello!"

    I had to deal with my first abscess ever a little while ago. Luckily the vet found it immediately and opened it up. We were only out a couple of days. One of the other horses in the barn took about a month to work hers out.

  6. Thanks all! I am finally home for the long weekend and hope that I will get to try out newly poked pony.

    And thanks for coming over, Nicole! Abscesses are very annoying but in most cases, at least, they pop and you are good to go again.

  7. Happy to hear all good news!