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We Are Flying Solo

April 8, 2012

Super Sweet Spring Sale Alert!

If your keen eyes have not already spied it, there is a new tab in our header.  It takes you to the magical world where YOU can own a piece of Solo history and look awesome at the same time.

That's right, I have added new items to our sale list and the tab will stay up there as long as there are things available.  Since SOMEONE decided they wanted an emergency vet call, sigh. 

So browse at your leisure -- first come, first serve, email through the link in our sidebar to reserve your items. 

You get two hints -- (1) show coat and (2) how did I EVER end up with so many breastplates and attachments?


  1. How DID you end up with so many breastplates? Had a jolly laugh over that.

  2. Hahaha -- it was a phase. I loved them so. I kept finding them at sales and such and could stop myself even when my friend sighed and said, "No more breastplates!"

    Remember, dear readers, everything is negotiable. :-)