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We Are Flying Solo

December 21, 2012

Up Down!!!!


Whoever thought such news would be cause for excitement?  But I could barely contain my glee Wednesday evening as I cautiously put my feet in the (very long) stirrups and asked Encore to trot.

The ortho squad has given their approval for me to proceed, just letting pain be my guide.  Brian, my completely awesome PT, is a bit more conservative but is still very pleased with progress.

And it didn't hurt.  Second gear is now mine again.  Which means I get third gear back too.  Thrilled does not even begin to describe it.

Encore himself remains a bit of a puzzle.  He seems to be healed up (hoorah!) and is moving well.  The new saddle just needs breaking in but he still seems happy with it.  But mentally, the big youngster remains a little enigmatic to me. 

When I drive up and holler my greeting out the truck window, both horses prick their ears and turn happily in my direction.  No doubt in that never-ending equine hope that every truck dispenses carrots and other palatable goodies.

Yeah, I'm watchin' you, lady.
But when I enter the pasture to fetch said equine, Solo immediately turns towards me and waits with bright eyes, with an expression full of happy and hopeful that the halter is aimed for his stripey nose.  Encore, though, moves behind him, watching for a treat, but keeping his distance from the halter.

I am puzzled -- BO says both come right to the gate and Encore offers no issues being captured for hotwalker duty (which he is not all that fond of) and I know all the staff spoils both boys rotten with treats and pets, so it's just me.  I wonder if he STILL begrudges that one time I caught him by surprise with a shot months ago. 

If I move quietly and softly put the rope around his VERY watchful neck, he is then easily haltered and transforms back into Mr. Amiable Businessman.  So why the stand-offishness?  He enjoys getting out and doing things.  We have lots of variety.  He used to walk right up to me and offer his nose.  Is he secretly a woman in his TB brain, never letting go of my one surprise stab?  I know they remember the strangest details, but he has had shots since in the same place with no issues (once I learned surprises were bad, oops, sorry, Solo prefers no warning).

Has anyone invented that horse telepathy hat yet?   


  1. I do know of a really good animal communicator if curiosity is getting the best of you. But that is a bit odd. Usually, even the ones that hold a grudge let it go after a bit.

  2. LOL, I hate to think what he might tell someone -- "OMG, do you SEE this half finished haircut??? I am never letting her touch me again!"

  3. I have the EXACT same problem. And if I take the easily caught one, the other will follow behind until we are in the barn and is easily caught once we are up there.... Strange

  4. Ha! I had a reading done with Promise years ago and some of the things she said had me laughing hysterically and/or balling my eyes out. I was kind of surprised she wasn't even remotely vulgar though, LOL

  5. oh William does that too...until I bring in the other horses. Then he's like my best friend. LOL

  6. Hahahahah about Promise.

    Encore is so dang confident, he doesn't care if Solo leaves, he's like, oooo, finally I can be boss of the hay bale! I guess he doesn't need any of us! He did it again today, but then I put the halter on, he followed me up like an old trooper and hung out in 30 mph for the farrier nuzzling my hands and pockets for goodies. Funny thing.

  7. First, big congrats on building that naughty knee up enough to be able to post a trot! That is totally awesome :)

    Encore sure is a norty boy. As tiny as their brains are, it is strange what they remember and what they don't. Sunny will hold grudges about things like that, too. She still gives my BO's middle son the stink eye, and that goes back about 3 years now, LOL. (He took hay out to the pasture and neglected to latch the gate behind himself. She found it, got loose, and he chased her around the property until she ran into the round pen.)

  8. My only recommendation would be to spend extra time out in the pasture just playing and joining up. That's all I got. So happy you are feeling better!

  9. Hooray for the less-gimpy/crippled status! :-)

    One of the (ridiculously wealthy) ladies at a barn I used to board at had an animal psychic do a reading of her horse over the phone. The lady said that the horse knew he was the most gorgeous horse ever, didn't like his supplements, and wanted his left shoulder rubbed with aromatic oils. *snort* I hate to think how much those little "gems" of wisdom cost her, lol.

    And, sidenote, I think Encore was a surfer in another life because he totally has bleach-blonde surfer dude bangs. I can see him casually brushing them from his eyes whilst recounting catching "some gnarley waves, dude."

  10. Maybe Solo had a little "talk" with Encore telling him to back off his Mom a bit b/c he's jealous. :D

  11. Ahahahaha! I think you are all right. After all, it's not like I have ever done anything to hurt him, nor has anyone else. Perhaps he has just decided, since we haven't been able to jump in FOREVER, that dressage is boring. Obviously their paddock is sooooo thrilling. *eyeroll*

  12. My mare does nearly the same thing. To a fault she can forsee, no matter what I'm wearing, or what we might be doing that day, riding, just grooming, moving from one pasture to another, exactly what's in store. If she see's work anywhere in her future forget her walking up to me or an easy catch. But if there is just grooming, or moving she is right at the gate.
    She definitely has a crystal ball tucked away somewhere.

  13. So there is telepathy -- but it only goes one way, dangit!